We are excited that you are considering joining us for a Sunday worship service. Everyone is invited to join us for a Sunday worship service. If you're a Christian on vacation, looking for a new church community, or simply seeking to know more about Christian faith, you are welcome at Coast Community Church. If you have any special needs or considerations that require you to contact us in advance, please email us at


How long is the service?

Our worship service begins at 10a and lasts a little over an hour (we usually wrap up around 11:15a).

What are worship services like?

We do the same things every week: we sing together, we pray, we teach the Bible and we share in the Lord's Supper.

How should I dress?

Dress how you want!  Be comfortable. There is no dress code at Coast Community. You'll see everything from the occasional suit to shorts and flip-flops.  Generally, people dress somewhere in between.

Is there coffee?

Yes!  We serve coffee (and tea) and usually some donuts for your enjoyment.  These are available before and after service and we hope you will come early and/or stay late to enjoy some conversation and refreshment..

What should I do with the kids?

While kids are always welcome to join their parents in the entire worship service, typically during the sermon kids are dismissed to the children's ministry for a more age appropriate teaching. Learn more about Kids @ Coast.


Worship is the offering of our whole selves to God as an expression of devotion and love.  In worship we respond with our praise and thanksgiving to God for all that God has done and simply for who God is.  As we honor God through our singing, prayers, listening to the Bible, and extending friendship to one another, God gains special access to our lives, extending to us his strength, his love and his presence.


We believe that wonderful things can happen when we provide a context in which the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the life of a particular community of faith can all mix together.  This is what we hope to do when we preach and teach at Coast Community.  Our sermons all start with Scripture and attempt to make deep and significant connections with human life, both informing the listener of God's perspective and inspiring the community of faith toward transformation and obedience. 


We are people on a journey who have found that this path is best traveled with friends.  There are people of all ages and at various stages of life in our church family and we are always eager to welcome one more!  Children and youth especially are important to us and we're committed to investing in the next generation.  Come take your next step with Jesus at Coast Community.

"The Church is a contrast community set apart for God's purposes filled with love and hope, engaging the world with compassion and justice."

-Pastor James Kinzler